Chief Admiral Cronk, or simply Cronk, was one of two warbotcaretakers of Talwyn Apogee. He and Zephyr, Talwyn's other caretaker, were constantly battling over who was superior. The two were very old and were falling apart, and so Talwyn usually watched over the warbots instead. Cronk also had a habit of calling Cragmites "Craggy-mites." He wielded a gun that had powerful shots, but a slow rate of fire.

Role in the series

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Sonja FarringtonEdit

Cronk can sometimes give her a hard time when he and Zephyr are arguing. Sonja feels really sad about Cronk and Zephyr's deaths in Sonja's Adventures of Into the Nexus. Later, he and Zephyr are really happy about being reunited with Sonja and her friends after being revived by Queen Maline. Cronk and Sonja are really good friends.


Cronk and Zephyr always worked together all the time. They usually get into arguments a lot of times but they are friends.

Talywn ApogeeEdit

Cronk watches over Talywn along with Zephyr. Talywn is heartbroken after Cronk and Zephyr's deaths, later on Talwyn is really happy about Cronk and Zephyr revived by Queen Maline and she hugs them with tears of joy.

Queen MalineEdit

Cronk is always loyal to Queen Maline along with Zephyr. Queen Maline always order Cronk and Zephyr to watch over the palace while she is gone.