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Neftin Prog (commonly known as Nef by his sister or Mr. Prog by his underlings) was an infamous space criminal, best known for kidnapping of Pollyx Industries CEO Pollyx, along with dozens of other innocent Terachnoids. Like his sister Vendra Prog (who is also an infamous space criminal), Neftin is a Nether, originally originating from a parallel universe known as the Netherverse. Large and intimidating, Neftin served as the muscle for the Prog's criminal activities during their crime spree

Role in the series

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Neftin is very loyal and protective of his sister Vendra. He will go to great lengths to protect her. However, he seems to be the more reasonable of the twins, as he was willing to work together with Ratchet and Clank to stop Mr. Eye and the Nethers, although his main reason was to save his sister. In addition, he did not let his desire to reunite with the rest his kind (something he and Vendra had in common with Ratchet) blind him as much as it did Vendra. He also seems to dislike pointless killing, such as when Vendra mercelessly killed Cronk and Zephyr in the destruction of the Nebulox, despite his failed attempt to talk her out of it. He's rather submissive to his abusive sister, though this changes at the end of the game, taking on a stronger role, even telling her to "SHUT UP" at one point. He also has some sense of honor, as when he and Ratchet made a deal to stop Mr. Eye and rescue Vendra, the twins would turn themselves in, although reluctantly, an agreement he ultimately honored and fulfilled, much to Vendra's displeasure

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