Pixie Dark
Pixie Dark is one of Sonja's enemies and one of the secondary antagonists of Sonja's Adventure Series. Like Shadow Moon and Moona they work with each villains and their attempting to capture Sonja so they turn her into a Shadowling like what Queen Vixion told them. She is voiced by Sonja Farrington.

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Pixie Dark is very sassy, sarcastic, beautiful, cold-hearted, evil, surly, and moody. Like Shadow Moon, she always gets easily annoyed with Moona. Her personality is similar like Aria Blaze from Rainbow Rocks. She also has a frightening anger of whenever her tiara is stolen by a group of Murkrow and takes extreme actions to retrieve her tiara

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Erika Kurumi Edit

Pixie Dark cannot stand Erika's energetic and noisy attitude. They don't seem to get along so well and quarrel over trivial matters or their own ideas, especially if they're competing together. Also, Pixie Dark is rather annoyed about Erika dressing up and acting like a mummy with Izzy