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Reia is a custom character made inside the video game - "Dragon Ball Xenoverse". Reia, along with her Saiyan brother Neisan, are assigned into a group called "The Time Squad". Unlike her brother, Reia is a skilled fighter who seeks guidance and trains under both Gohan and Videl. When she is very little, she is being watched by her older brother, Neisan, and the two are summoned to Conton City, where she is raised by the Supreme Kai of Time herself.

Role in the series: Edit

During her journeys, Reia has been called by Sonja to help her in some adventures. Most of the time, she is understanding more of herself and others around her. In the process, Reia becomes more stronger by fighting strong enemies, all because of her Saiyan blood. Over time, she is a silent type, keeping her own secrets a mystery like her own last name or her birthmark on her right arm.

Personality: Edit

Reia is self-determined to help and save her friends from the forces of darkness. She is also had a gentle heart, where she takes care of the wounded and protects the helpless. At first, when joining the Time Squad at a young age, she is scared of her strength and would become an Evil Saiyan, but she had a blood transfer from Earth, in secret, and can no longer transform into a Great Ape. Her only dislike is tyrants like Frieza, which reminded her of the destruction of Planet Vegeta; her original home world where she is born.

Relationships: Edit

Sonja Farrington - Edit

Reia and Sonja first met in Zootopia as the two worked well together and became good friends/rivals. Since then, they have been keeping a close eye on each other to see if either needed help. However, Reia believes that Sonja doesn't need help from her often.