Rioichi with no background
Rioichi Cooper was a member of the Cooper Clan who lived in Feudal Japan during the 16th and 17th century. He was the developer of the Ninja Spire Jump and the Leaping Dragon Technique, both of which were utilized highly during his thieving career. Rioichi was also a master chef who invented sushi and owned a renowned sushi restaurant in Japan.

Role in the Series-

Rioichi Cooper met Sonja and her friends in Sonja's Adventures of Sly Cooper-Thieves in Time. After helping out Rioichi, he gives Sonja a summon stone so she can summon Rioichi anytime if she wants to. Sonja summons Rioichi in Sonja's Adventures of Total Drama World Tour. Sonja also summoned Rioichi in one of the episodes of the Pretty Cure Series. Kung Fu Panda-Legends of Awesomeness, Pokemon-Black and White and Kirby Right Back At Ya.

Personality Edit

As a ninja with great wisdom and discipline, Rioichi was calm, witty and very respectful towards others such as Sly and the gang, using honorifics when addressing them and speaking in a riddle-like fashion with Japanese proverbs. When asked to retrieve Bob's cane, he expressed that he was honoured to help his "most-hairy ancestor". He was also very open minded, especially after the events involving El Jefe's takeover. When Rioichi first met Sly and was told that Sly was from the future he believed him. He was also very calm even in the strangest situations and stated that he was a ninja, and so never alarmed. Just like Sly, Rioichi was quite cocky, which led Bentley to believe he was the one Sly got it from

Relationships Edit