Scarlett Red
Scarlett Red is the Lombax of the Gothic Skull. She likes rock music and Gothic stuff. She is voiced by Laurie Elliott (who did Jo from Total Drama-Revenge of the Island).

Role in the series

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Scarlett is a gothic, tomboyish, calm, strong, level-headed, witty, quick-witted, mature, protective, earnest, a bit bossy, and really cool gothic rocker. She is close childhood friends with Ratchet and Clank ever since they first met each other and go on adventures together. She is also an excellent and highly-talented Gothic rocker who loves rocking out with her electric guitar. However, she has a soft side, being loyal and kindhearted and keeps her promises, as well as stays true to her passion. She usually cries when someone like her mother says something really sweet to her. Despite this, she also intelligent, observant, and quick-thinking.

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Ratchet Edit

Scarlett’s close childhood friend. While they did not have too much of a relationship at first, Scarlett eventually warmed up to Ratchet, confessing her love for him in the knight in shining armor test.

Alister Azimuth Edit

Qwark Edit

She does not get along with Qwark at first, but they became good friends and they are able to make up with each other, sometimes Qwark can sometimes annoy her with his stupidity or low intelligence

Diana Harp Edit

She and Diana have a strained relationship because of their opposites: Diana is a fashionista and likes fashion while Scarlett is a Gothic rocker and prefers Gothic stuff. They don't get along well and they usually get into fights or arguments, much to Sonja and the others' annoyance. However, every one in a while, they will get along.