Sly Cooper, the thief, is the eponymous protagonist of the Sly Cooper series. He is a male raccoon with grey fur and brown eyes. He is best friends with Bentley and Murray, who are also members of his gang, and has a complicated romantic relationship with Inspector Carmelita Fox. He is currently stuck in ancient Egypt.

Sly first appeared in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus at the age of eighteen. His current age is unknown, as he was 21 in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, but an undisclosed amount of time passed between that and the fourth game. He was born to two parents, presumably in Paris, France.

He was voiced by Kevin Miller in all of his video game appearances.

Role in the Series-

Sly Cooper falls in love with Sonja and he is Alister's rival. He will do anything to win Sonja's love for him and steal her. Alister doesn't like the idea when Sly steals Sonja and loves her. Alister Azimuth, Sonja and Sly Cooper are in a huge love triangle.

Personality Edit

Sly Cooper is a cunning, devious, quick-witted, charming, suave, gentleman thief. He uses his wit, courage, and skills to pull off jobs, and often crack jokes and sarcastic comments to an expense of others. Sly is also very calm, laid-back, level-headed, rational, and manages to keep a cool head in stressful and chaotic situations. Despite being slick with the comebacks, his girlfriend, Carmelita Fox, becomes increasingly infuriated with him, especially during their travels through time. Through all of his hardships, he remains loyal and dedicated to any he calls his friend, especially his life-long friends, Bentley and Murray.

Relationships Edit

Bentley Edit

Bentley is one of Sly's lifelong childhood friends back at the Happy Campers Orphanage. Sly would make jokes to Bentley's seriousness when concerning plans of pulling off heists, but still appreciates his friend's concern for him. During Honor Among Thieves, there is a noticeable strain in Sly's relationship with Bentley. Jealousy Bentley had tried not to acknowledge started to swell. Nevertheless, Sly stuck by him, comforting him to show how valuable Bentley was to him. Sly even admits that he probably wouldn't have gotten as far as he did without Bentley's help. He also took it rather personally when Penelope betrayed them, but more importantly betrayed Bentley's heart.

Sonja Farrington Edit

Sly Cooper's crush. She started to get attracted to Sly sometimes even though she is dating Alister Azimuth. Sly will do anything to win Sonja's heart. He always like to make Sonja giggle each time when he makes a remark or saying something funny.

Alister Azimuth Edit

Sly Cooper's rival. Alister doesn't like the idea when Sly Cooper steals Sonja from him. In Sonja's Adventures of Sly Cooper-Thieves in Time, Alister told Sly not to kiss Sonja while doing the heist. He and Sly Cooper have got into a huge love triangle with Sonja.