Summer Hill

Summer Hill is the Lombax of the Burning Sun. She likes summer days and the sun. She also likes fashion like Diana Harp. She is Diana's best friend and she used to be enemies with Sonja. She is voice by Kristin Fairlie (who did Bridgette from Total Drama Island)

Role in the series

Personality Edit

Summer Hill is a bit silly, air-headed, and dim-witted sometimes, beautiful, kind, quirky, chipper, outgoing, buoyant, and has a sassy side like her friend, Diana. She doesn't like it when the sun disappears from her when it's being blocked by clouds. She used to be enemies with Sonja and now she and Diana are friends now thanks to Sonja who rescued her from the Valkyries. Despite this, she can be a prone of sobbing and walking in circles when being separated from her friends or getting kidnapped with Sonja and Scarlett or her friends

Interests Edit

Likes Edit

The sun, fashion, her best friend Diana, shopping, sunshine

Dislikes Edit

Derick's death, the sun being blocked by the clouds,

Relationships Edit

Diana HarpEdit

Summer's best friend. She and Diana both love fashion and another thing is that Summer likes the shining sun outside. She doesn't like it when the sun disappears from her when it's being blocked by clouds. As humans before they became friends with Sonja, she is constantly bossed around by Diana.

Crash BandicootEdit

Summer feels a little awkward at first through out Sonja's Adventures of Crash of The Titans until she gets use to Crash's personality at the ending, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Crash and Summer became a couple at the ending of Sonja's Adventures of Crash Of The Titans.

Sonja FarringtonEdit

Sonja and Summer used to be enemies at first until when Sonja saved her and Diana from the Valkyries, she became friends with her and discovered that Sonja fell in love with Alister Azimuth instead of her brother, Derrick. Summer usually doesn't speak in some episodes until she spoke when she transforms into her Enchanted Form.