Violet siren form by thecrystopilisempire-d86ew6w
Violet is one of the Sirens and works along with Opal and Wave

Role in the series

Personality Edit

Like Opal and Wave, she is really evil, sinister, flirtatious, and beautiful. She sings a song with Opal and Wave in order to hypnotized a bunch of people in order to rule over the galaxy.

Relationships Edit

Sonja FarringtonEdit

Along with Opal and Wave, Sonja is their first victim. Violet and the Sirens hypnotized Sonja with their song and they got her to the ocean. However, Sonja gained legendary Mermaid powers that prevented her from getting hypnotized by them again.


Violet's older sister. Violet is like the teenage sister of Opal.


Violet's younger sister. Sometimes Wave can give Violet a hard time.

Alister AzimuthEdit

Like Opal and Wave, she loved Alister. They hypnotized Alister in order to collect enough love energy to rule the universe.