Lieutenant Commander Zephyr, referred to simply as Zephyr or just Zeph, was one of the two caretakers assisting Talwyn as she searched for her father, and often helped her, Cronk, and Ratchet in various battles throughout the game. He was voiced by Paul Eiding. He and Cronk were constantly battling over who was superior, as they had both been Warbots years before the present time in the Ratchet & Clank universe. He wielded a gun that fired three shots at a time, while his shots were faster and weaker, Cronk had a weapon to the opposite effect. Zephyr was often portrayed as being smarter than Cronk, often saying "Cronk, ya darn fool!"

Role in the series



Sonja Farrington Edit

Zephyr can sometimes give her a hard time when he and Cronk are arguing. Sonja feels really sad about Cronk and Zephyr's deaths in Sonja's Adventures of Into the Nexus. Later, he and Cronk are really happy about being reunited with Sonja and her friends after being revived by Queen Maline. Zephyr and Sonja are also really good friends

Cronk Edit

Cronk and Zephyr always worked together all the time. They usually get into arguments a lot of times but they are friends

Talywn Apogee Edit

Zephyr watches over Talywn along with Cronk. Talywn is heartbroken after Cronk and Zephyr's deaths, later on Talwyn is really happy about Cronk and Zephyr revived by Queen Maline and she hugs them with tears of joy

Queen Maline Edit

Zephyr is always loyal to Queen Maline along with Cronk. Queen Maline always order Cronk and Zephyr to watch over the palace while she is gone